Potassium Rich Tomato Recipes

Among the kings and queens of potassium rich foods are tomatoes. Hard to believe that tomatoes were considered to be poisonous by our ancestors, as they are essential to any healthy diet. While there are any number of ways to use tomatoes, a good bunch of them fall under the category of tomato sauce. So, following a recipe for simple tomato sauce, you will find a recipe for gazpacho soup as well.

Tomato Sauce – The Basic Instructions

Tomato sauceTo be able to eat potassium rich meals, there is nothing to compare to freshly made tomato sauce, in taste or nutrition. And it’s simple.

Start with tomatoes (surprise!).

Your biggest problem will be finding fresh tomatoes that are sweet and full of taste. Modern logistics means most tomatoes you find in the supermarket are bred to ship well, look good and last long. Taste is not a priority. For the best tomatoes, make sure you go to a proper farmers market to buy locally grown tomatoes.

Once they’re home, all you have to do is chop them up, thrown them in a pot, and cook it down until it’s thick and rich.

Well… not quite. Actually, I have been know to make sauce that way – and it’s fine. But most proper chefs will tell you that you must remove the skin, and many will say you must remove the seeds as well. But I’m lazy. Still, I usually meet the pros halfway by removing the skin, especially as it’s easy. Simple drop your tomatoes in boiling water for a minute, pull the out as the skin starts to peel off, let them cool a bit, and finish the job yourself. The skins will just slide off.

While you’re waiting for the tomatoes to cool, cook up some garlic and onions in olive oil in a pan. Make sure the onions have “sweated.” In fact, for a richer taste, you might try cooking the onions until they turn brown and caramelize a bit. It’s entirely up to you. At this stage, many people add mushroom, paprika, celery, or herbs such as rosemary or basil. There are really no limits.

Just after you add the herbs (if any) chop the tomatoes up and dump them in the pan. All of them. Add a bit of salt or pepper as desired, and that’s pretty much it. It’s just a matter of letting it cook down over low to medium heat. AS it nears the consistency you want, give it as taste. If you want more sweetness, add sugar or honey. If it needs salt, add it now. Be careful not to add too much of either before it has cooked down, as once the water leaves all the seasoning will become concentrated.

Once your tomato sauce is ready, use it for pasta or any other dish you desire. If you have too much, break it into meal sized portions and freeze it for later use. Now, anytime you need a high potassium meal, it’s ready and waiting for you.

Gazpacho Soup

Gazpacho soupNothing like wading into controversy, and that’s what gazpacho recipes always bring. Starting from a simple meal of olive oil and bread, it has expanded to include a variety of vegetables, most prominently tomatoes, cucumber, garlic, onions and bell peppers. Sometimes these are served in big slices, sometimes they are chopped up or coarsely blended, sometimes they are blended until smooth. The only rule, as far as I can tell, is that it must have both bread and olive oil.

Most recipes these days use bread crumbs to cover the bread part. As we are not trying to be either purists or cutting edge here, let’s keep it basic.

Portions are up to you and what you have on hand.

I normally have a mixer ready, and have removed the skin from the tomatoes I plan to use. For the standard gazpacho at the Potassium Rich Foods household, we add tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, bell pepper and onion to taste. If you have some fresh parsley, or other fresh herbs, throw them in as well.

Too all of this add olive oil, slowly, and a bit of vinegar. Add sugar if you like (I do, and people always enjoy it without suspecting a thing). The amount of bread crumbs added will be to your taste as well. Cut back on these if you are dieting.

An alternative to bread crumbs is to add croutons after the soup is made, Or simply to serve bread on the side to add as you’re eating.

Just make sure bread is represented somehow, so the gazpacho police don’t come knocking.

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