What Foods Are Rich in Potassium?

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Fresh foods are potassium richEasy Ways To Include Potassium Rich Foods In Your Diet

To jump-start your day, have a bowl of potassium rich foods for breakfast. This is rather easy – eat cereals that are good sources of potassium. Wheat bran, wheat germ and bran flakes are good options. However stay away from sugary cereals and stick with whole grains. Include fruits rich in potassium like bananas, apricots and currents. If you are not a cereal fan, why not try having a bowl of tasty muesli?

For lunch or dinner, you may opt to have steamed or baked potatoes. Though this kind of meal contains carbohydrates, it is a great alternative to get the essential potassium that you need. You may also include whole wheat pasta or tomato sauce in your meal plan – as both are very good sources of potassium.
To get your body going throughout the day, have a snack in between meals. You may try cranberries, dried apples and peaches as snacks. Do this by chopping the dried apples and mixing them in your chicken or tuna salad. If you prefer, you may even mix in some raisins. This is one sure way of keeping your body healthy with potassium. Dried apricots are a potassium rich super food, and are widely available and easy to snack on.

It may be helpful if you have a nut-based trail mix regularly on hand. Also, make sure that you always have fresh or dried fruits, and vegetables stocked.

Below is a list of some common potassium rich foods. Included are the potassium content of each type – in estimated amounts – as a guide.


– Tuna (yellow fin, cooked, fresh) – 484 mg. of potassium/3 oz.

– Mollusk, Clams (canned) – 534 mg. of potassium/3 oz.

– Salmon – 319 mg. of potassium/3 oz.


– Apricot (dried) – 814 mg. of potassium/10 medium pieces

– Raisins – 544 mg. of potassium/half a cup

– Banana – 467 mg. of potassium/1 medium-sized


– Prune Juice – 707 mg. of potassium/1 cup

– Carrot Juice – 689 mg. of potassium/1 cup

– Orange Juice – 496 mg. of potassium/1 cup


– Yogurt – 531 mg. of potassium/8 oz.

– Milk – 376 mg. of potassium/1 cup

– Pork – 358 mg. of potassium/3 oz.


– Almonds – 412 mg. of potassium/2 oz.

– Peanuts – 374 mg. of potassium/2 oz.

– Brazil Nuts – 340 mg. of potassium/2 oz.


– White Beans – 1,189 mg. of potassium/1 cup

– Beet Greens – 1,309 mg. of potassium/1 cup

– Potatoes – 1,081 mg. of potassium/1 cup

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