Those Mysterious Jerusalem Artichokes

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Jerusalem Artichoke harvest

Photo by: Christian Gutheir net_efekt at Flickr


Potassium rich Jerusalem artichokes are a mystery to most of us. They are not artichokes, and have nothing to do with Jerusalem. They are native to North America, in fact, and are the roots of a plant in the daisy family related to the sunflower. Native Americans were the first to harvest them. While sunflower root would have sounded fine with most of us, the Europeans who first tasted this tuber decided it was like an artichoke. They called this artichoke girasole, which somehow morphed to Jerusalem, because, well, that’s how we roll in America.

What matters here is that these are rich in potassium, with 644mg of potassium per cup, sliced. (About 150 grams.) They are also iron-rich, and can be served in a variety of ways, from sauteed to mashed to pickled.

A couple of suggestions can be found on our Jerusalem Artichoke recipe page.



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