Enoki Mushrooms for Potassium and Weight Loss

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Enoki mushroom bouquetsThe largest broadcast network in Japan, NHK, broadcast a segment about some people who claim remarkable results in weight loss and in reducing internal (visceral) fat from their bodies simply by consuming enoki mushrooms – sometimes called vermicelli mushrooms in the west because of their string-like appearance. This is in addition to some Japanese studies suggesting that they reduce the likelihood of cancer.

These striking white mushrooms have long been overlooked, though they are staple of the Japanese diet. For one, they are easy to grow, and among the cheapest mushrooms in the supermarket. Their flavor is also especially mild, which can make them really easy to eat or a bit boring, depending on your perspective. We add them all the time here to soups, especially noodle soups with chicken, done Asian style. The long mushrooms naturally blend well with the appearance of noodles, and with julienned vegetables.

One way of ingesting the enoki is to chop them up finely, dry them, and then dry roast them for maybe 8 to 10 minutes. These can be kept for a while, and 5 grams a day of these roasted enoki added to a cup of boiling water will make a nice light soup (or more like a rich tea). Drink one of these a day for best results, and no more than 5 grams.

According to NHK, after a mere two weeks, the subject lost 26% of their visceral fat (fat around the liver and internal organs), as well as 1.9 kilograms (about 4.3 lbs).Enoki Mushrooms

This is not the only way to eat them. There are loads of recipes on the net, including a couple on our enoki mushroom recipes page.

Good news all around, as enoki are easy to like, easy to eat, healthy and inexpensive.

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