Potassium Iodide for Radiation

March 31, 2011 2 Comments

Being based in Japan, the talk of radiation has special implications for us lately. There is much talk of potassium iodide being taken to ward off the effects of excessive radiation exposure. Before rushing off to the chemist, here’s a brief primer.

What is potassium iodide? Also called “strong iodine,” it’s a water soluble form of iodine that is one of the most common ingredients used to iodize table salt. While you could just stock up on table salt, the excess sodium will probably kill you before the radiation does.

A natural source of iodine, that may provide the radiation protection you are looking for, can be found in many sea vegetables, especially kelp (Japanese kombu). Dried kombu strips can be chewed on, and are also loaded with magnesium and other greatly beneficial nutrients. In fact, rather convenient that Japanese have one of the most iodine rich diets in the world.

When all is said and done, the threat of radiation tends to be exaggerated. But, if you want to play it safe, buy yourself some kombu and chew away. It’s more fun than popping potassium iodide pills.

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2 Comments to “Potassium Iodide for Radiation”
  1. Fred says:

    “When all is said and done, the thread of radiation tends to be exaggerated. But, if you want to play it safe, buy yourself some kombu and chew away. It’s more fun than popping potassium iodide pills.”

    NO, it isn’t exaggerated! And eating Kombu from Japan or Western United States (Pacific Ocean) is not a good idea since Fukushima Daiichi. THINK.

  2. Bill says:

    Actually, it is exaggerated – and it’s something I live with, so it’s not idle speculation. It’s unfortunate that the government seems unable to tell the truth about the danger – partly because government propaganda that everything is just fine breeds propaganda from the opposite camp, the one that say’s we’re all going to die.That’s not to say there’s no danger from Fukushima, but one has to look at all the facts before making blanket assumptions. Japan has a lot of coastline, including much that is even less exposed to any possible contaminants than the US west coast. And foods are tested.
    This is the internet, so feel free to post links to sources you think confirm that kombu is dangerous. That would be much more helpful than just shouting at people to “THINK.” Thinking won’t do much good unless you have knowledge of a subject to begin with, and few people are experts in this area. It could be an interesting discussion.

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