Organic Strawberries Have Less Potassium

September 2, 2010 No Comments

It not so expected news, the LA Times has reported that organic strawberries actually may have a lower potassium content than non-organic. This goes against many studies that have shown organic varieties to be more nutritious across the board. While this study, conducted by a team of “ecologists, food chemists, soil scientists and other experts” over 13 pairs of neighboring farms in Watsonville, California, did show that organic strawberries had better nutrients and better soil, the levels of potassium and phosphorus did not quite measure up.

Actually, there are plenty of good reasons to eat organic produce, and one minor study should be taken as just that. There are plenty of good reasons to eat non-organic produce as well, in spite of the sometimes hysterical opposition to it. Yet, on average, our produce has seen precipitous drops in mineral and nutrition levels – and some of that is recovered by organics.

The jury is still out on this one… any ideas on why this sample of organic strawberries was short on potassium?

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